Our story goes a long way back

A unique bridging of cultures is responsible for the magic at Origine

Discover the passion behind sustainably producing some of the worlds most sought after ingredients.



  • Tripper Inc launched with bases in California and Indonesia

  • 2000

    Established a milling plant exclusively for cinnamon on the island of Java

  • 2001

    Received first Organic certifications

  • 2004

    Built a new liquid extract processing facility in Bali to add more value at origin

  • 2005

    We wanted to be closer to our Bali facility so we established headquarters in the heart of the island

  • 2011

    A new and improved cinnamon factory was built on the outskirts of Jakarta

  • 2014

    Our first For Life certification for cinnamon by IMO

  • 2015

    Created our T.E.A Foundation for environmental awareness

  • 2017

    Reached our goal to replant 100% of the cinnamon we farm

  • 2018

    To pay homage to our roots at origin we rebranded to "ORIGINE"

  • Today