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Welcome to ORIGINE!

After many months in the making, we are excited to finally share the story behind the look and feel of our new brand!

Welcome to our new home!

After many months in the making, we are excited to finally share the story behind the new look and feel of our brand! This new chapter is inspired by our greater vision to share the incredible botanical diversity, flavors, and wellness traditions of Indonesia through our sustainably produced natural products. After adding value at Origin for almost three decades, the company known as Tripper is changing its name to Origine. 

Why Origine?

The name Origine reflects our cores values and unceasing efforts to bring you premium sustainably produced natural products direct from origin, commitments that set us apart from other spice suppliers. It also reflects the French heritage of owners Francois and Olivier Bernard, who could not have built the company into what it is today without the incredible support of our team.


We have a unique ability to trace our products to their actual source. The new logo in the form of a stamp of approval, acts as an endorsement of the provenance of items bearing the Origine name and the ethical enrichment of local communities, harvesters, and collectors that facilitate our supply chains.


Our new tagline, “Personally Foraged” represents the work of our farmers and sustainability and sourcing teams, on the ground at origin- personally foraging for the highest quality sustainable raw materials and securing long term relationships with the people and communities who produce them. You will find Forager branding used to represent our team members.


What’s new?

Stay tuned for new product offerings developed specifically for conscious consumers, brands, hotels and restaurants. Our existing wholesale product range, including our renowned Dragon Cinnamon, remains unchanged with all Tripper products now brought to you by Origine. 

Let us know what you think! 

We deeply value your feedback and continuing support during our transition. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form