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After many months in the making, we are so excited to finally share the story behind the look and feel of Origine! 

Tripper Inc., our sister company, has been forging the path for organic and fair-trade sourcing in Indonesia at the wholesale level for almost three decades. Now, with our in-house ingredients and robust industry knowledge, we are ready to uplift the voices of our farmers and bring flavorful, nourishing products directly to you. Why the name Origine?

“Origine”, meaning origin in French, was named to reflect our core values and unceasing efforts to bring you premium, sustainably produced, natural productsdirect from the origin - a commitment that sets us apart.

It also honors the French heritage of Origine’s owners, Francois and Olivier Bernard, who could not have built the company into what it is today without the incredible support of our team and farmers. 
 Young Francois and Olivier posing with their guide.


Our radically transparent supply chain allows us to work directly with the farmers that grow our products and deliver value and stable wages to each and every one of our partners. The Origine logo takes the form of a stamp of approval, symbolizing an endorsement of not only the provenance of items bearing the Origine name but the ethical enrichment of the local communities, harvesters, and collectors that facilitate our supply chains.

Our tagline, “Paradise Provisions”, pays homage to our product's Indonesian roots. By expanding the use of regenerative agricultural practices, we are working hard to ensure Indonesia remains a natural paradise for many years to come. Empowering and adding value to the lives of our Indonesian partners is also at the core of our mission. At every level of the Origine network, we are personally foraging for the highest quality, sustainable, raw materials and securing long-term relationships with the people and communities who produce them. 

A sampling of the Origine product line

What's on the table?

We are overjoyed to bring you a brand new line of product offerings developed specifically for conscious consumers. Our line includes pure botanical extracts, individually portioned organic spices, and Jamu, an ancient Javanese healing infusion of plant-based ingredients.

Let us know what you think! 

We deeply value your feedback and continuing support as we expand our offerings. If you have any questions, leave us a comment!