Yohana - Forager

Flores, Indonesia

Yohana has studied agriculture, and she joined Origine to implement what she's learned in the community where she came from. Her positive energy and how she interacts with certified foragers is invaluable for the success of our sustainable agriculture projects in Flores. It is important for her to ensure that the foragers are using organic practices to keep the environment safe for themselves and their families.

Field officers like Yohana are the beating heart of ORIGINE.

Boro - vanilla

Flores, Indonesia

Boro lives in the Flores area and tells his memories of vanilla with enthusiasm. As a child, his grandfather often invited him to the garden to help take care of vanilla. Unfortunately, the sweet memories of the 80's were tarnished by the work of the middlemen who deceived farmers.

As a result, vanilla prices fell in 2005. Farmers were uninterested in maintaining vanilla. However, since ORIGINE involvement in the area, vanilla farmers are inspired to care for the delicate orchids once again. ORIGINE strongly supports the application of intercropping farming systems which are very suitable for the Flores region and of social and economic interest to local farmers. With the right system, farmers in the Boro’s community can optimize their production.

Boro, at the top of this page posing for a photo with his typical smile and welcoming nature, explained that his two daughters continue school thanks to the inheritance of his grandfather's vanilla.