Natsir - cinnamon

Sumatra, Indonesia

Since 1920, Natsir’s family has farmed cassia cinnamon. His parents taught him that cinnamon is an investment for grandchildren. Natsir explained that in his culture, cinnamon plants must be on the land of families with children. This is because cinnamon is considered as capital when the child is an adult. This tradition aligns with the growing cycles of cinnamon trees which take 15 years to mature for harvest.

In collaboration with ORIGINE, cinnamon farmers like Natsir are committed to preserving their customs for the success of future generations and the preservation of cinnamon production.

Dominggus - nutmeg

Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dominggus speaks of how important nutmeg is to the development of North Sulawesi, Maluku, and surrounding areas. History records that in the 17th century the price of nutmeg exceeded the price of gold. This fact made European immigrants willing to sail the seas in search of this treasure in Indonesia. Some of his nutmeg trees are over 25 years old and are the main source of income for his family.

Together with ORIGINE, Dominggus and other farmers are committed to producing quality nutmeg while maintaining sustainability.