Origine Nutmeg & Mace

Myristica fragrans

There is no way we could operate in Indonesia and not tackle this dynamic spice. Nutmeg is native to Indonesia and the only tropical fruit that is the source of two different spices. 

Origine Nutmeg & Mace

North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nutmeg is much more than a classic holiday spice. It was so highly coveted by the Dutch, it was once worth more than its weight in gold. Mace, the red leathery covering that protects the seed, is its little-known counterpart. It has a sharp kick of nutmeg flavor. At a time when many companies are cutting corners to get the cheapest price for nutmeg, we offer only the purest small batches of the best nutmeg you can find.

In our pursuit for the best, we are proud to offer organic nutmeg. It is less difficult for harvesters to gather nutmeg from the ground but nutmeg that has rested on the ground is susceptible to contamination and excess moisture that supports the growth of mold. Fortunately, we are at an incredible advantage because we are so close to origin and can monitor the potential presence of aflatoxins. Through a collaborative process and strong relationships with our farmers, ORIGINE sustainable agricultural methods are used to produce the highest quality and safest product.

Nutmeg is known for its detoxifying effects and its benefits regarding digestive health. It is commonly used to add a spicy warmth to dishes. Use it in custards and pies or even use it to season meats and fish to add a depth of flavor.


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Sulawesi, Indonesia

Dominggus speaks of how important nutmeg is to the development of North Sulawesi...


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