Origine products are Personally Foraged by our team at their natural source.

Over three decades, we have built long term relationships with our family of farmers, harvesters, collectors. We draw inspiration

from Indonesian culture and its history of incorporating sustainable and traditional healing spices into the fabric of daily life.

Some of the world's richest botanicals and aromatics are produced on small wild plots across the Indonesian spice islands.
It is here that the expertise of our foragers adds unparalleled value.

Personally Foraged

We are on the ground at origin


Wide variety of organic options

Traceable Ingredients

Trace ingredients to their naural source

Socially Responsible

Ethical and eco-friendly business practices

VANILLA Vanilla planifolia NUTMEG & MACE Myristica fragrans CACAO Theobroma cacao TURMERIC Curcuma longa L. CINNAMON Cinnamomum burmannii Blume CLOVES Syzygium aromaticum MORINGA Moringa oleifera GINGER Zingiber officinale Roscoe COFFEE Coffea arabica SET YOUR PRODUCTS APART Whether you’re looking for premium vanilla extract or ground Korintje cinnamon, elevate your food and beverage products with sustainable natural ingredients. From tea bag cuts to extracts, our spices are ethically produced and sure to satisfy taste buds. Or hover and select on your favourite ingredients



Unadulterated bold flavor


Non-GMO, water and alcohol soluble


All natural and cost effective

From the Field

Our dedicated sustainability team constantly engages with

our farmers and team members to improve

our ethical standards and sustainable agricultural practices.

Exceeding global standards to bring you only the finest quality products.