Our policy ensures we deliver added value products that are produced with future generations in mind.

We use the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a baseline for our sustainability goals.


  • Support the farmers to organize themselves into groups to increase their autonomy
  • Increase the sales of organic and socially responsible products
  • Support the development of long-term partnerships and define common goals with suppliers


  • Reduce contamination risks along the supply chain
  • Decrease use of plastics for packaging and increase the usage of reusable ones
  • Improve waste management and recycling programs


  • Encourage social, economic, and environmental prosperity
  • Innovate to improve efficiency and reduce our footprint
  • Increase value through our commitments to People and Planet

Environmental Policy

Beyond adhering to global and national standards, we consider the broader effects of our business on the environment and strive to use best practices to reduce our impact on nature. We developed an Environmental Policy for internal operations to further cultivate a culture of respect towards the environment at ORIGINE and to reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Pollution prevention, waste reduction, and improving efficiency are the themes of our

2018 Environmental Policy objectives

Improve wastewater management and reduce its impact on the environment

Reduce groundwater use

Improve management of ORIGINE production waste

Improve packaging efficiency

Communicate internally and externally on our environmental policy

Create an environmental management system