Vanilla planifolia

ORIGINE has over 25 years of experience working with family farms to produce organic Indonesian vanilla. We are one of few companies in the world that handles vanilla from its earliest stages. 

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Sulawesi, Flores & Papua, Indonesia

We oversee production from pollination to green pod and finally to a perfectly cured vanilla bean. We process everything in our very own warehouse in Bali, transforming the vanilla into gourmet extracts as well as high-quality powders. Only two species native to Mexico, a hummingbird and bee, pollinate vanilla in the wild. The introduction of hand pollination has allowed global cultivation of the vanilla plant. It is one of the most valuable and labor intensive flavoring substances to produce after saffron.

Total collaboration with nature is needed to hand pollinate the delicate vanilla orchid. On just one day of the year, each of these orchids has a window of only a few hours for hand pollination to occur. Experienced workers can pollinate up to hundreds of orchids in one hour. Due to the rarity of natural pollinators and the cost of production, much of the vanilla found on the market today are derived artificially. We offer real vanilla beans and vanilla extracts.

The vanilla acid and vanillin in vanilla are found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vanilla is used in desserts, baking, beverages, and even aromatherapy. Split the pods lengthwise and scrape out the black seeds with the flat of a knife. Use the vanilla "caviar" in puddings or cream. Bake with vanilla extract or add its ground form to smoothies or tea.


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Flores, Indonesia

Boro lives in the Flores area and tells  his memories of vanilla with enthusiasm. As a child, his...


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