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Storytelling exists at the core of our mission. 

Pulling back the curtain on sustainable production and providing a platform to tell our farmer stories is the foundation of Origine. 

But the story of our spices doesn't end when we wave goodbye to the delivery truck. A new story begins every time our coconut sugar is stirred into coffee or our cinnamon is baked into a muffin. That's a story only you can tell.

Who can be a Tastemaker?

Our Tastemakers are holistic wellness practitioners, food-bloggers, conscious homemakerssustainable chefs, and so much more! Essentially, if you're someone who's already creating and sharing recipes on a regular basis, we want to provide the ingredients and digital support to amplify YOUR story. 

No minimum follower count required - just a passion for whipping up flavorful creations and an interest in wellness & sustainability.

If that sounds like you, check out the Terms and apply below!

*Next quarter begins January 1st 2022 and the next review period begins November 15th*

Holistic Health Coach @ObsidianHealing

Holistic Health Coach @ObsidianHealing

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